Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sinful Colors Swatches

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Some Sinful Colors polishes I picked up not too long ago, and a couple of other shades that snuck in to the photos ;)

Zoya Shay ♦ Sinful Colors Nirvana ♦ Milani 3D
(Nirvana is slightly lighter in real life; Milani 3D is only pretty in sunlight)

Wet N Wild Wild Card ♦ Sinful Colors Amethyst
(These are more accurate photos of Amethyst)

Sinful Colors Love Nails ♦ Sinful Colors Savage
(Savage dries matte and leans slightly more green in real life)

China Glaze Caribbean Temptation ♦ Sinful Colors Folly ♦ Sinful Colors Glass Pink
(Caribbean Temptation mani here; Seven (!!!) coats of Glass Pink shown - best as top coat)

Sinful Colors Call You Later ♦ Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
(Only one coat each!)

Sinful Colors Happy Ending ♦ Sinful Colors Mint Apple ♦ Essie Turquoise & Caicos
(Mint Apple has a slight shimmer that shows better in real life; Happy Ending needs 3+ coats)

Turquoise & Caicos has rapidly become one of my favorite shades lately. I want to try to Konad this color with black lace tips but I'm waiting for my nails to grow out a little longer.. if I try it I will definitely post photos!


  1. Love nails is gorgeous. I picked it up just for the name alone lol.

  2. Ok so now I need in my life from sinful colors- glass pink, folly and savage... so beautiful :) Great picks.

  3. @Jossie - Call You Later was one of my favorites from my last SC haul. I love mixed glitters and this one didn't disappoint!

    @Courtney - I love the nail too.. cute, huh? ;) I would recommend picking it up. Two coats and it's good to go, true to the bottle!

    @Arlin - Keep in mind Glass Pink takes A MILLION coats to become visible on the nail! I really wanted to love that one but it was a bit of a let down.

  4. Nice post, some lovely colours there.

  5. Thanks so much Stef & Charlotte!


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