Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Swatches, Pt. 1

Inline image 2
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Coastal Scents Hot Pots: ME04, S06, S08, S14, S13, ME05, S16, CM07
(no base - two finger swipes across the pan, one swipe down my arm)

Some of these shades are like buttah. Since purples are my favorite I keep all of these grouped together so I can just stick it in my purse and go. Some show slightly more pink than purple in the photos but in person I consider these shades more red based purples when compared to my collection of Coastal Scents pinks. These sit in a CS12 piece empty palette and aside from the eight colors swatched above I have some bronzy shades and highlights in the top row so I can create a nice combination of looks on the fly.

*Edit: These swatches were done before CS gave their shadows names, sorry!

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  1. I love it! S06, S08 and CM07 is so pretty!

  2. oh wow these colors look so pretty!

  3. love coastal scents, such pigmented colors!

  4. I always wait until they're 30%-40% off and then rack up on Hot Pots! I'm wishing they would hurry up and come out with some new 88 palettes too.. love their stuff! Thanks for checking out my post, ladies ;)


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