Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buy ALL the shoes!

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Pictured: Me, shoe shopping online.

You guys.. I had a total shopping meltdown!

I've kind of been on an unofficial no-buy for shoes for.. what seems like forever at this point... but it was all good! I have a nice size collection, including tons of stuff I haven't even worn yet, so it gave me a chance to wear and appreciate the things I already own without throwing more stuff on top of the pile. 

That is, until yesterday..

As you all probably know too well, when holidays roll around every retailer bombs your inbox with promises of totally fabulous sales. I've managed to look through, and subsequently avoid, most of the adverts until I came across an email from Frederick's - up to 80% off! It lured me in. I browsed, determined to buy something for myself, when I came across these...

Frederick's of Hollywood Studded Cork Wedge, $64 (here)

Just look at them. Aren't they kyooooot? And the fact that they were 50% off makes them even cuter. I even went ahead and picked up this little number for myself while I was at it because, sale. Damn you, Frederick, whoever the hell you are.

So here I am again today, wading through the dozens of OMGBIGSALE! emails when I come across one for Charlotte Russe. Why I chose to open this email, I'll never know... I knew it would be bad news.

In no particular order, here's the damage done...

Charlotte Russe PU T-Strap Cork Wedge Sandal, $32.50 (here)
I picked these because I "need" a black pair of wedges with gold hardware. I may or may not return these once I see them in person/see them on my foot.

Charlotte Russe Retro Patent Thick-Heel Pump, $32.50 (here
Another pair that might get returned. I both love and loath how these look. I like the patent leather, the thick heel and the cute lining.. but they're kind of reminding me of one of my first pairs of (beginner) heels from TUK and I'm not really loving that vibe. We'll see how they look on my feet!

Charlotte Russe Double Buckle Cork Wedge Sandal, $35.50 (here)
I have two other pairs of wedges from Qupid (in nude and in brown) that are similar to this style and I find myself sorely missing a pair in black. If these fit well, they're definitely keepers!

Charlotte Russe Sueded Lace-Up Creeper, $30 (here)
OH MY GOD, Y'ALL. Are creepers coming back, or something?? These are a lot shorter than what I usually wear (my TUK suede creepers are the 2 inchers, I lovvve those shoes!) but for FOURTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS?! How could I pass them up? I snatched them up in 3 styles!

Charlotte Russe Pleather Lace-Up Creeper, $30 (here)
UNF, super dapper black and white.. LOVE.

Charlotte Russe Sueded Lace-Up Leopard Creeper, $30 (here)
...and of course I copped the leopard version. I can't wait to get these on my feet!
Charlotte Russe Studded Lace-Up Sueded Creeper, $35.50 (here)
Okay, these were not $14, but I loved the style and still found the price to be really reasonable. I was pleasantly surprised when these came out to a mere $12.50, due to the BOGO/$12.50 sale they have going on. (I also got the buckle wedges for $12.50.. woo!)

Charlotte Russe Spiked Jelly T-Strap Sandal, $12.50 (here
I already own a pair of these, but in my rush to flee the mall after a bad day of shopping, I grabbed the wrong size and have been painfully wearing them anyway, since I think they're so darn cute (beauty is pain, after all). I decided to pick up a pair in a size up and give the smaller ones to my little sis-in-law.

So, yeah. I just.. I don't even know what to say. When it's broken down I only really paid about $20 a pair, so there's that, I guess?

Now I have to figure out how to smuggle nine shoe boxes in to my house, unnoticed ;)


  1. So many pretty shoes! I'm in love with the studded cork wedges. <3

    LOL at that last bit ;)

    1. Those just got here! They're super cute in person. The studs are more conical (I thought they were dome shaped, from the picture) so I like 'em even more! Oh, oh.. plus! They make my feel look tiny. Bonus! ;)


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