Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike

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They arrived in a fitted box with a bit of paper padding.

 The artwork on the shoe box is so pretty!

There's an insert that says "WATCH IT LADY" warning that the shoes are sharp ;)
There is also a small bag of extra spikes in case any fall off your shoes.

Each shoe comes in its own dust bag. 
(I store them wrapped exactly like this)

 The heels are wrapped in protective foam secured with tape.


Tried on as soon as I took them out of the box.

I've had these for a couple of months but misplaced the unboxing photos until just the other night. I got these here on and I also purchased the Jeffrey Campbell Perfect Spikes about a month an a half later (after I'd saved up the money for them). I did something I rarely do -I paid full price- and I kind of kicked myself when they went on sale about a month later and still had my size in stock.

They're my summer version of the Spiked Litas ;)

Now that they're COMPLETELY out of stock I guess I don't feel so bad. They're extremely cute and I'm glad to have them in my collection. The next pair I'd like to get are the Lita Spike CMYKs which are black leather/gold spikes (so that I have gold toned spikey shoes to go with my gold toned accessories... a silly reason, which is why I'm not in a huge rush to get them).

What do you think about Jeffrey Campbell shoes? I'm really impressed with the quality!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color, Part 2

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Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color

(with flash)

901B Think Pink
914C Mocha-licious
918D Cherry Bomb
965   Cherry Picking
966   Don't Blink Pink
967   Dollhouse Pink
970   Purty Persimmon

Part 1 of these swatches can be found here ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color

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Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color

(with flash)
902C Bare It All
903C Just Peachy
904B Rose-Bud
905D Smokin' Hot Pink
907C Mauve Outta Here
908C Sugar Plum Fairy
910D Red Velvet
♥ 911D Stoplight Red
916D Ravin' Raisin
969   24 Carrot Gold

I also have Think Pink but I cannot find it anywhere.. it's kind of bugging me. My Wet N Wild lipstick collection is a lot bigger than I thought it was.. I only just noticed the other day, while putting away my newest addition - Rose-Bud, how much it had grown. I have a handful of other WNW lip products (MegaShields, the $1 lipsticks, natural blend balms, etc.) but the MegaLast Lip Color line holds the key to my heart. After checking their website I realized that I have to get back on the ball and start hunting some more of these down.. 

- 900B Pink Sugar
- 901B Think Pink
- 906D Wine Room
- 909D Coral-ine
- 912C In The Flesh
- 913C Sand Storm
- 914C Mocha-licious
- 915B Spiked With Rum
- 917B Cinnamon Spice
- 918D Cherry Bomb
- 919B Vamp It Up

- 965 Cherry Picking
- 966 Don't Blink Pink
- 967 Dollhouse Pink
- 968 Pinkerbell
- 970 Purty Persimmon

I'm wondering if the shades without letters are only temporary for spring/summer. If that's the case I'll be snatching up every 24 Carrot Gold and Purty Persimmon I can find because they're my budget-friendly alternatives to MAC's Morange. I mix these orange lipsticks with my favorite concealer to make color correctors and spending $2 a pop every time I need a replacement is a lot easier on my wallet than forking over the $$ for Morange (yet yields identical results).

So, what do you ladies think of these lipsticks? Bethany from Obsessions to Live For said that the one she tried was drying but (as I mentioned to her) I just apply a thin layer of lip balm beforehand then let it absorb in completely before putting on any of these MegaLast shades. I find that it really helps prevent any drying that might occur and also helps them glide on that much easier.

Are any of these shades on your wishlist? Bare It All, Just Peachy, Think Pink, and Mauve Outta here are my favorites of the ones I've tried. The next ones I'm going to snatch up are Don't Blink Pink and Dollhouse Pink before they (possibly) disappear.

You can find Part 2 of these swatches here ;)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Glisten

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 Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Glisten

Left, two-swipe swatch; Right, one swipe blended out.

I purchased this at the end of March but have not had a chance to photograph it until today (now I can finally use it, yay!). This is my first Amazonian Clay blush but definitely won't be my last! It's a pinky-coral with gold shimmer that I couldn't quite pick up on camera. When swatching these blushes at Sephora it was the gold in Glisten that sold me on making this my first. The texture of this blush is extremely silky; even blending it out with my fingers for the swatch above was effortless. Both the color and the shimmer distributed smoothly and evenly. On top of that it's extremely pigmented.. I'm going to have to remember to use this with a very light hand until I get the hang of working with it. Here's an extra picture that I just took where it looks more coral. I discovered (afterwards) that the pans pop out and are interchangeable.. so. cute.

Dollface and Amused are the next colors on my hit list.. I can't wait to wear this tomorrow! 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To Press Your Own Eyeshadow

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I ordered the supplies for this project a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to take any photos during daylight hours.. but with no where to go (finally!) today was the day! I've already done a few test runs but when using the right tools pressing eyeshadows is so easy that you can pretty much nail it on your first try! Please be forewarned that this is a picture heavy post ;)

Tools Used
♥ Rubbing Alcohol (I believe this is 91%...)
♥ Loose Eyeshadow/Pigment (I'm using NYX Dramatic Chromatic Pigment in Golden Peach)
♥ Mixing Bowl
♥ Mixing Apparatus (Spatula, little spoon, toothpick, etc.. use what you have)
♥ Tamping Tool (pressing thingy..)
♥ Pan/Tin (I'm using 26mm)
♥ Paper Towel(s)
♥ Piece of Fabric (not shown.. oops!)

Scoop some of the product in to your mixing bowl. Even though these NYX Pigments are labelled as being 2 grams some jars have way more product than others. Depending on the pan size you're using you can just kind of eyeball it and if the first batch is not enough to fill the pan you can just mix a bit more to top it off.

Add the alcohol a few drops at a time. I do this step pretty quickly since the alcohol evaporates really fast. I've seen people on YouTube use a mixture of water, alcohol and a binding medium but I prefer straight up alcohol most of the time since most shadows don't require using a binder at all... if I can avoid it, I will! When adding liquid to your shadow start off with a couple of drops, mix, then add more as needed. Try to add the least amount of liquid as possible - you don't want your mixture to be super wet.

The eyeshadow and alcohol before being mixed. I actually added too much liquid to this batch but it's not a huge deal.. It will just take a little bit longer to fully dry before it can be used.

Here's the eyeshadow after being mixed. The mixture is sticky and clumps together nicely. You don't want it to be dusty or crumbly when placing it in to the pan - if it is, chances are there is not enough liquid in the mix to make your pigment bind together.

Scrape all of the product out of the mixing bowl and start scooping it in to the pan. If you're careful this part is a lot less messy than it looks!

Level everything out, leaving some 'give' at the edges of the pan. When you press your shadow the product will naturally move outward and fill in these areas.

This is a 26mm tamping (pressing) tool. The kit I purchased also comes with pressing tiles but I find them to be unnecessary. I wrap my tamping tool in a square of fabric that I cut from an old camisole to give my finished product nice hatch marks and also to make it easy to remove from the tin should it get stuck (which it sometimes does). The fabric also helps to keep the tool clean.

Wrap tightly around the tool and get ready to press...

Center your tool on the tin and begin to apply firm, even pressure. If you see some product start to squeeze out of the sides, don't panic! You're always going to lose some product - either in your mixing bowl, all over your paper towel, on your fabric, or squeezed out of the sides. As you practice less shadow will be lost during your pressing process ;)

Another great purpose that the fabric serves is soaking up excess liquid! As you can see in this photo after a few seconds of pressing the alcohol starts to soak up in to the fabric. I usually keep pressing firmly until I see that the fabric is no longer absorbing any liquid.

The aftermath. There is some color and product left on the fabric.

Perfect hatch marks! This pan could have held a bit more product but sometimes it's best to leave a little space at the rim so it doesn't look over-filled.

...and it lives happily ever after in a palette with its friends (shown, L-R: NYX Pigments in Silver, Hardcore, Antique, Golden Peach, Golden Pink, Lemon Drop). The End!